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Lindsay Arnold Talks About Working With Jordan Fisher's Past Injuries on DWTS (Exclusive)

Lindsay Arnold Talks About Working With Jordan Fisher's Past Injuries on DWTS (Exclusive)

Who else remembers that Jordan Fisher was once in training to be an Olympic gymnast? We definitely do!

Because of that, the Dancing With The Stars celeb has some past injuries that pro partner Lindsay Arnold has to work around.

“Jordan has a lot of things going on as far as past injuries,” Lindsay told JJJ earlier this week. “His right shoulder had always had problems.”

She continues, “It is an issue when it comes to partnering because you’re using your arms and it’s the guy’s job to lead the girl, so I’m avoiding anything that has to do with weight bearing with the right arm.”

“That’s actually hard to do and I’m always thinking about it,” Lindsay confesses, as she’s always thinking about the next dance with her partner.

“When I’m choreographing, I’m always considering that and thinking about a turn and ‘oh, we can’t do that because of his shoulder’, and it’s something that hurts him,” she says. “It’s a thing we do work around because that’s a big thing for this competition.”

Lindsay adds, “If your body can’t get through it, there’s not any other option. You have to have a healthy body and be able to do the things that you need to do.”

Jordan‘s past injuries, and his perfectionist ways are the biggest challenges for Team Fish Upon a Star right now.

“He wants to be good at every single thing that he does,” Lindsay tells us. “I think that is for sure why he’s so successful in his career, but it’s also a big thing to kind of overcome; because being perfect all the time is impossible.”

“When you put that pressure on yourself, it takes its toll. Beyond that, he’s doing well in the competition and those questions about how it is easy for him because he’s a natural performer. But it’s not easy and he’s working extremely hard every week. That’s the reason he’s doing so well, is because he pushes himself.”

Stay tuned for more from Lindsay‘s blog!

'Project Mc²' Star Victoria Vida Is 100% Obsessed With Halloween (Exclusive)

'Project Mc²' Star Victoria Vida Is 100% Obsessed With Halloween (Exclusive)

Project Mc²Victoria Vida is absolutely obsessed with Halloween!

The Latina actress stars as Adrienne Attoms in the Netflix show and during our catch up with her recently, we found out that Victoria LIVES for the annual holiday.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Victoria Vida

She even counts down the days!

Check out 10 Fun (and new!) Facts we learned about Victoria below!

  • Halloween is my FAVORITE time of the year! I always pick and choose my costume 6 months prior
  • One of my favorite Halloween movies is Hotel Transylvania 2
  • Friday the 13th is actually a lucky day for me, because I booked my first job on that day
  • When I was little and went trick or treating I would just use my pillow case because I knew it would fit more candy and it would be easier to carry
  • My favorite Halloween costume until was when I dressed up as Tinker Bell. I had a huge blond wig, I painted some black flats neon green and glued the pompons myself. It was a big project so I was really happy with my costume
  • Want to see the rest? Click inside now! More Here! »

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    Jenn McAllister Dishes Fun Facts About 'Foursome' Season 3 (Exclusive)

    Jenn McAllister Dishes Fun Facts About 'Foursome' Season 3 (Exclusive)

    Foursome is coming back with an epic third season — the first YouTube Red show to get that!

    JJJ caught up with star Jenn McAllister about the series and found out 10 Fun Facts about her as well.

    “This season of Foursome is genuinely the best season yet,” Jenn tells us. “We put so much hard work, time, and energy into the show and I’m so excited for everyone to finally see what we created!”

    Foursome follows Andie, who is undateable, thanks to her older brother Alec (Logan Paul), the most popular guy in high school, who makes sure no man comes near her. Fortunately, Andie has her best friends to help her shake the “little sister” stigma.

    In the third season, Andie’s got the boyfriend (Rahart Adams), the best friends and a ticket to a tropical paradise for Winter Break vacation. When a new clique is introduced, it’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong and friendships are tested.

    Foursome returns to YouTube Red on November 1st.

    Click inside NOW to find out 10 Fun Facts about Jenn! More Here! »

    Colleen Ballinger Dishes on 'Haters Back Off' Season 2: 'Miranda Sings Gets In A Lot of Trouble'

    Colleen Ballinger Dishes on 'Haters Back Off' Season 2: 'Miranda Sings Gets In A Lot of Trouble'

    Haters Back Off season 2 is finally here!

    The brand new season is now on Netflix and you can watch Miranda Sings get into way more trouble than she can possibly handle.

    “Miranda is going to be getting into crazier situations,” Colleen Ballinger told JJJ in a recent interview about the new season. “This season is so insane and she gets in a lot of trouble (laughs).”

    She adds that, “for this season, we really tried to focus on the relationship between the characters and you get to see a lot of heart; and get to know all the characters even better.”

    “I think it’s absolutely hysterical, so I’m hoping everyone laughs a lot while they’re watching it and gets to know these weird characters a lot better.

    Colleen also opened up about being one of the lucky ones who got a second season on Netflix.

    “There are days that I still can’t believe it,” she says. “I still have to pinch myself to realize that any of this has happened for Miranda. She was a crazy little girl character that I created almost 10 years ago and I never thought anything would happen from it.”

    “This was just an inside joke with my friends and the fact that we’re going on a world tour again, I have a book and Netflix show, it’s insane,” Colleen adds. “I feel so, so lucky. I do feel like the luckiest girl in the world because this doesn’t happen to just anyone and I don’t know why it’s happening to me (laughs), but I feel very, very lucky.”

    Go binge Haters Back Off on Netflix NOW!

    Teala Dunn Dishes On Her Favorite Halloween Movies (Exclusive)

    Teala Dunn Dishes On Her Favorite Halloween Movies (Exclusive)

    Teala Dunn LOVES Halloween season, especially because all of the scary movies.

    JJJ caught up with the actress and digital creator to chat all things fall and she could not stop telling us movies to watch — which we loved!

    “I always, always watch Hocus Pocus and all the cute Halloween movies with my family, especially Charlie Brown,” Teala shared with us. “I know that sounds corny, but my family, we are a Charlie Brown family. We watch it for Thanksgiving, for Christmas, for Halloween…all the holidays, you name it.”

    However, Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown are two of her absolute favorite movies — besides all the scary ones.

    “I’ve always just loved scary movies,” she adds about her fascination. “It’s so hard to pick my favorites. I love the classic Michael Myers movies, those are always so good.”

    Teala continues, “I love Friday the 13th, and if you’re really looking for something insanely scary, then The Conjuring or Insidious, those are good.”

    “Watch at your own risk,” she warns.

    TELL JJJ: What are your favorite Halloween movies?

    Freeform’s 13 Nights of Halloween Full Schedule!
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    Mallory James Mahoney, Raphael Alejandro & Will Buie, Jr. Join 'Bunk'D' Season 3 (Exclusive)

    Mallory James Mahoney, Raphael Alejandro & Will Buie, Jr. Join 'Bunk'D' Season 3 (Exclusive)

    Welcome to Bunk’D, Mallory James Mahoney, Raphael Alejandro and Will Buie, Jr.!

    JustJaredJr.com is exclusively revealing that the three young stars will join the Disney Channel show for it’s upcoming season three.

    Raphael will star as Matteo, a cautious kid who can find danger in any situation and who would rather not be at camp.

    Will is Finn, an energetic boy and cousin of camp counselor Lou (Miranda May), who has realized his dream of attending Camp Kikiwaka.

    Mallory, who might recognize from Adventures in Babysitting is Destiny, a young girl who has spent her childhood on the pageant circuit and is accustomed to getting things her way.

    The announcement comes after news that Kevin Quinn, Nathan Arenas and Nina Lu have departed the show.

    Bunk’D is filming now and will return sometime next year on Disney Channel.

    Caitlin Carmichael Did All Her Own Stunts in Netflix's 'Wheelman' (Exclusive)

    Caitlin Carmichael Did All Her Own Stunts in Netflix's 'Wheelman' (Exclusive)

    Meet Caitlin Carmichael, the new star of Netflix’s new original film, Wheelman!

    The 13-year-old starlet will be starring alongside Frank Grillo in the film, where she did all her own stunts for.

    “I did all my own driving stunts in the movie in a 1982 Porsche 911 stick-shift car,” Caitlin told JJJ. Mind you, she was still only 12 at the time of filming!

    Learn 10 More Fun Facts about Caitlin below and catch Wheelman TOMORROW, October 20th, on Netflix.

    • I’ve been surfing since I was 8 years old. Catching waves in Malibu is my favorite thing to do when I’m not on set
    • I have a 5-pound Maltese named Tallulah that travels with me everywhere I go. She loves bacon and dressing up!
    • My favorite color is Tiffany blue (a la Breakfast at Tiffany’s)
    • I love going to concerts! My first concert ever was Miley Cyrus in the “Best of Both Worlds Tour” when I was 3 years old. I was a Hannah Montana super fan growing up
    • I’m kind of obsessed with sushi
    • When I filmed the American Girl: Grace Stirs Up Success movie, we trained as pastry chefs in a real, working bakery in Budapest, Hungary to prepare for our scenes in the kitchen
    • Before I go to set, I listen to music that reminds me of my character. My personal favorite types of music are acoustic pop, musical theatre, and hip hop.
    • I’ve taken French for two years and visited the French-speaking island of Saint Maarten this summer to practice my linguistics. I also took a selfie with the Mona Lisa in Paris when I was 10
    • I think horror movies are the most fun to watch and to film! I find it fascinating to learn the secrets behind all the jump-scares and gory special effects
    • When I was little, my mom asked me what my favorite playground was. I told her “Set!!!” because it’s always been my favorite place to be
    caitlin carmichael wheelman 10 facts 01
    caitlin carmichael wheelman 10 facts 02
    caitlin carmichael wheelman 10 facts 03
    caitlin carmichael wheelman 10 facts 04
    caitlin carmichael wheelman 10 facts 05

    Jordan Fisher & Lindsay Arnold Will Dance Rumba For 'DWTS' Season 25 Movie Night (Exclusive)

    Jordan Fisher & Lindsay Arnold Will Dance Rumba For 'DWTS' Season 25 Movie Night (Exclusive)

    Lindsay Arnold spilled the beans to JJJ!

    We can exclusively reveal that Lindsay and her celeb partner Jordan Fisher will be dancing a Rumba for Movie Night on Dancing With The Stars next week!

    “It’s movie night and our genre is drama, so we are doing a rumba,” Lindsay revealed to us this week. “He’s so excited about this one.”

    Fun fact — if Jordan was a dance, he says he’d definitely be a rumba (his words!)

    Lindsay adds that he’s already having a challenge with it though, “We started yesterday working on it, and he’s already getting frustrated with it. He was like ‘Oh my gosh, I wanted to do this, but it’s very hard’.”

    “We have our work cut out for us with this dance but I’m excited to take on the new dance and see what we can do.”

    Stay tuned for the full song and dance list for Movie Night on DWTS!